Thursday, November 24, 2022

THE ZENGIDS Seljuk Cavalry Painted Strelets figures miniatures 1/72 25mm medieval arab nomadic crusades wargaming

 At last I manage to finish some project, fully, succesfully and completely!

I wanted to paint something, and hence I gave a look at my various boxes. The set that more needed a painting was the Seljuk Cavalry, as they are almost identical as the Arab Cavalry from Strelets (so much I had to recheck on PSR who was who!) and for wargaming this is very annoying. I preferred to keep the Arab Cavalry as it was for the moment, and hence paint the Seljuks to enhance their "seljukicity"  :P .

While looking at them it struck me they were not completely fitting for me what I would understand as Seljuks. Call me picky, but I would imagine them more nomadic and slim. These, hence, suggested me something later, and much more arabic.

Hence with a bit of research I decided to paint them as Zengids, which was a Beylik, a small state loosely under the Seljuk authority, of Seljuk ethnicity but quite mixed with arabic influence, based in Mosul. They fought against the Crusaders taking Edessa most famously.

They fitted inside what one would call Seljuk, and it's quite impossible nobody releases a set of Zengids proper, hence perfect  :-) .

So, I applied mainly yellow-orange-maroon, with some touches of nomadic blue and dark colours.

Once finished the painting, they struck me as much too clean, and hence I used Games Workshops inkings, that while not wonderful, they give a good sense of realism, and they give a bit of varnish protection too, which allowed me to skip that tedious phase.

As a bonus, I did a small foot archer  :-) .

The highlight of them, is I believe, the chrome paint. I used a marker, and so I painted two swords and the masked seljuk.

Hope you like them and would love to read your impressions  :P .

Sunday, October 30, 2022

The Seleucids; 1/72 conversion of Bum Spartans - Hytty Carthaginian mercenaries

This was, really, my first conversion project. I bought a box of Bum "Spartans", as the title just hooked me :P . I was rather flabbergasted by the contents inside, puzzled, with very mixed sensations. I inmediately saw that was hardly Spartans, although a roughly similar shield was provided. Upon searching I learned their true identity as Carthaginian Mercenaries of Hytty. But I wasn't very convinced either, considering some of the strange looks of a few soldiers, which even now I couldn't hope to identify (celtiberians? italic peoples?). I was given by Christmas another box of them, and this definitely only enlarged the puzzle and doubts about what to do with them! the shields and weapons falling apart were also a big part. Anyway, after much debating in those so far away times, I decided they could pass as Seleucids, with some able modifications, considering a good few of the poses were definitely greek, and the rest could be mercenaries used by the Seleucids. I printed shields from the Hat website, did some slight conversions with epoxy putty, and made some other shields. This was done about 20 years ago! hope you find them amusing to see ;-) .


Sunday, October 9, 2022

Rare Giant? Civilian figures 1/72 scale unknown

I have found these soldiers, very much in style with Atlantic cowboys. One of them is a woman with a submachine gun! I remember having this figure in 1/35. Most of them seem modern robbers, thieves, a very interesting subject! among the mix, are some of GIANTs american soldiers, and what I think is a copy of a german officer saluting/waving/ordering, as I have a 1/32 which is identical to him.

Somebody copied somebody, and then recopied and relabelled.
Any info about them would be greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Unknown 1/72 soldiers - Modern Sailors?

I stumbled upon some interesting minis on eBay, and I bought them in a heartbeat. They are not anatomical masterpieces, but to see some figurines I have never seen in this scale is now remarkable!

These are the ones;

A bit in the style of other cheap reduced copies of Airfix 1/32 soldiers which you can see often, but these are apparently, modern sailors. THeir caps sure look like it. Interesting is the man quickly running with a projectile  :-)  , and the man apparently speaking through a walkie talkie / speaker. I would say this might be a scaled down copy of some larger sailors of Starlux or similar, but I don't know very well what they could be.

Does anyone can shed a bit more light on to this mystery?  :-) 


Sunday, May 29, 2022

ICM Mujahideens Talibans Afghan soldiers 1:35 model kit soldiers built & painted

These are 1:35 Mujahideens produced by ICM. Built many years ago, I just painted them a few weeks ago. They are certainly very nice, I tweaked the poses to make them more active, and added one extra men, many years ago using home made body putty. The pickup is a diecast I bought during holidays in Hungary :) .


Mars NAVITAS Rover wood model kit ROKR 1:38

Sunday, May 15, 2022

US Captured Kubelwagen 1/35 Italy 1943

Kubelwagen US captured; I bought in a lot about 3 or 4 Kubelwagens built but not painted, and hence I started a titanic search in the lookout for strange and unique Kubelwagens. I found a captured one that was genius, and I gave it a medical box as was used often, which I had to scratch build using a ginger fruit box! pilot is a casted resin man improved.