Sunday, May 29, 2022

ICM Mujahideens Talibans Afghan soldiers 1:35 model kit soldiers built & painted

These are 1:35 Mujahideens produced by ICM. Built many years ago, I just painted them a few weeks ago. They are certainly very nice, I tweaked the poses to make them more active, and added one extra men, many years ago using home made body putty. The pickup is a diecast I bought during holidays in Hungary :) .


Mars NAVITAS Rover wood model kit ROKR 1:38

Sunday, May 15, 2022

US Captured Kubelwagen 1/35 Italy 1943

Kubelwagen US captured; I bought in a lot about 3 or 4 Kubelwagens built but not painted, and hence I started a titanic search in the lookout for strange and unique Kubelwagens. I found a captured one that was genius, and I gave it a medical box as was used often, which I had to scratch build using a ginger fruit box! pilot is a casted resin man improved.

M8 Armoured Carrier Italeri 1/35 France 1944

M8 Armoured Car; built a very long time ago, and finished a few years afterwards. Following a straight out of the box, as for France in 1944.

Sunday, May 8, 2022

GMC Truck Heller 1/35 June France 1944

Here the GMC CCKW of Heller; really, a poor kit. Very fiddly, and the shape might be a bit off. But anyway, I pulled it through and made some nices pictures of it. Yes, I succumbed to the standard green, but couldn't find anything else and for once I went with the simple version. Last pic was difficult to get; I threw sand dust while my brother took the pic in burst-fast mode. The result is impressive, possibly my most realistic model kit movement pic.

WW2 French Chasseurs Alpins 1/35 figures Heller model kit built & painted

Here are these Chasseurs Alpins from Heller. I bought them in a small toy shop, which had them for years. At first I thought they were some kind of parade unit,I just learned afterwards their history! painted a good few years back, but only did pictures of them today. Rather straightforward, changing a bit the poses. and printing a "Le Figaro" newspaper for one of them :) . I have another set of them, which I am between trading away or building in other poses...

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Fiat 508 Coloniale Todt Organization Italeri 1:35 model kit

 Just realized I still had this to post! the Fiat 508 Coloniale. A lovely little kit, quite easy to build yet rewarding, of a unusual subject. Thankfully, the back of the box gave you very good options, one of them a tree leaf camo that was wonderful. I very carefully executed it, handbrushing it took a good few sessions! if only all the boxes had such good choice of versions, I wouldn't have any unpainted kit in my collection. I took the extra step of printing Todt Organization flags, to add them, as I thought it fitting, as the poles looked weird without holding anything!