Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Unknown 1/72 soldiers - Modern Sailors?

I stumbled upon some interesting minis on eBay, and I bought them in a heartbeat. They are not anatomical masterpieces, but to see some figurines I have never seen in this scale is now remarkable!

These are the ones;

A bit in the style of other cheap reduced copies of Airfix 1/32 soldiers which you can see often, but these are apparently, modern sailors. THeir caps sure look like it. Interesting is the man quickly running with a projectile  :-)  , and the man apparently speaking through a walkie talkie / speaker. I would say this might be a scaled down copy of some larger sailors of Starlux or similar, but I don't know very well what they could be.

Does anyone can shed a bit more light on to this mystery?  :-) 


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