Thursday, March 29, 2018

HaT Carthaginian Command & Cavalry 1/72 Painted & Converted

After a long time of inactivity, here I show you my latest work while painting soldiers. I no longer have time to write reviews, but I hope you enjoy looking at these painted and converted 1/72 soldiers;

I hold nice memories of these soldiers, as they were a Christmas present. I was amazed to learn that Carthaginian soldiers were made. I always found that the weapon and poses choice and assortment was curious, and after many breakages and strange combinations, I decided to paint them and give a final look to these soldiers.

I broke down the soldiers into these categories,

Punic Citizen Infantry
Lusitanian mercenaries

I transformed some of the "Spanish" heavy officers into just Punic Citizen Infantry, as I needed a backbone to my carthaginian army, and I had nearly more Iberian officers than infantry" besides this, they don't look too much like Iberians to me. So, I gave them large spears and transformed them.

The rest of the spanish heavy officers, the ones wearing the typical Lusitanian cloak, were retained and such and most were given typical Lusitanian shields I made myself, and I made some Falcata swords for them too.

I had to create some swords and borrow some spears, as if not there would have been too many soldiers with ceremonial or parade symbols (I was gifted two boxes of them, so they were the main bulk of my Carthaginian Army).

As a side note, this has been my longest hobby-related project in my life. I stopped it in 2004 due to lack of a fine brush to paint the details, and for one thing or another I left it until now to finish them! I improved some things when I took the project again too.

Among the figures,I modified specially a general to represent Hannibal, the figure with green cloak, and black palm on his shield.

Hope you enjoy, and I hope I can give good inspiration to any modeller out there.

(click on the pictures to see them bigger)

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Simon de Monfort Army - English Medieval Infantry Zvezda 1/72 Painted

Lately I have been into Medieval-ancient stuff, and here I present you with my Simon of Montfort army, for the Barons War. I interpreted that they needed to be identifiable if they had to battle against the king of England, so I've left clear in all of them the coat of arms of Monfort. There is a few conversions here and there, and I've mainly used the Zvezda English Medieval soldiers and Medieval peasants revolt.