Thursday, April 5, 2018

Crusader Castle 1/72 MiniArt Fortress 72004

This is a kit my father built and I painted it for him. Instead of the typical grey, we decided to go for a southern looking rock, like in the Holy Land or similar, inspired in the Maltese limestone.

This kit from Miniart (which can be found at a really cheap price online) is screaming for a base, and so we went for a raised stand. It is made of cardboard-wood from the back of some frame, porexpan, and  liquid membraning for roof that works very well for this job, as is thicker than white glue, stronger, and it was already available in sandy colour.

I painted with acrylics a few crags on the landscape, and glued a few shrubs here and there.

My father glued the door to the keep in a raised position, to make it more difficult for invaders, and so I sculpted with milliput some stairs.

The castle has been left as modular and can be taken apart, for easy storage and to build in different configurations and bases.

The kit itself is a bit poor and requires a bit of work, parts don't fit, big gaps, not well thought, but at this price one cannot complain.

And well, let's see who guesses first from where I took the image of the flag :) .

Sunday, April 1, 2018

MiniArt ROMAN ARMY as Eastern Roman Rebels 1/72 25mm painted & converted figures

Here I show you this soldiers I've just finished, by printing their banner. I bought the MiniArt Roman Army, and decided that I had too many figures already in brownish-red, so they had to be painted.

After considering many possibilities, I finally went for painting them like Roman Rebels, a bit like the Total War games, in green. As if they were troops of some usurper in the Eastern Roman Empire, in Anatolia, ready to overthrow the Emperor itself!

I got a female figure from the Ancient Christians set of Strelets, and painted as a princess, a sort of Zenobia. As they had no general, I converted one of the infantrymen to do the purpose. 

All shields were painstakingly hand painted. Hope you like them.