Sunday, June 7, 2020

Renault UE "Stuka zu Fuss" Mirage Hobby 1/35 tank german

Hello all,
                 I show you here this combo build, built by my father, airbrushed by me, some mud finishings by my brother. First proper airbrushed model kit we make, without needing any major brush correction. The airbrush is either tricky to use, or we bought the wrong one :( . Seems almost impossible to airbrush fine lines slowly. Anyway, I guess practice makes perfect, if one has the patience for it.

This is a very tricky kit, one of those that there is hardly any piece bigger than a coin, and the unbuilt model is a bunch of micro sprues. One of those kits that it would have been probably forever in the stash if it wasn't for the lockdown :lol: . As the tracks ended up looking rough, we opted for mudding the tracks, come to think, the first really mud cladden kit we build. Small hatches open and close, rockets and cases are removable.

The kit is made for France 1944, and the soldier is a random german bought in a lot.

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