Saturday, July 4, 2020

122 SpH 74 Finnish Self-propelled Tank 1/35 SKIF model kit built

Latest tank to go out of my father's confinement factory :) . Slightly touched up by me prior to photographing. A kit bought in this year's only model exhibition here in Malta before everything was cancelled due to the pandemic. Just for 5 €. A nice kit, with lots of photoetched (a bit too many, for our taste) and wonderful rubber tracks and moving wheels that allows smooth movement.

To photograph this in the wilderness was an odyssey, trying to find somewhere remotely similar  to Finland in the middle of the Maltese summer. After walking for hours on end, we decided for a small spot in a dried up stream under one of the only woods on the island, and we emptied a whole water bottle to moisture a bit the environment.

I love that the kit depicts a version of a minor country, I am tired of seeing Russian, German and American AFVs coping everything on the market. Made happily OOB.

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