Tuesday, November 3, 2020

My 1/72 collection, part VI; Land vehicles; M3 White Matchbox, T-26 Flamethrower, T-26 UM models, Sherman Italeri, Russian Pak40 and D-37 armored wagon


 D-37  Russian Armoured wagon; a small nice kit from UM Models. Very unusual model, as you hardly see such obscure themes, and with a decent price tag too. I managed to find a good interesting camo to escape from the typical green.
M-3 White; this I got through Revell's reissue. It is 1/76, and is very noticeable when placed along the Hasegawa true 1/72, but is still nice, more as it is the Flak version.
Sherman Italeri; I believe a Esci reissue. It's really very impressive as to how the engine is made and represented in such a tiny scale! I believe it is a 1/35 kit, shrunk. The pilot is fun, although he seems a bit a cross between a zombie and a robot!

Finnish T-26 early tank; another UM models. Wonderful to be able to build such obscure kits, and for a forgotten belligerent side like Finland!
T-26, Flamethrower; this is the flame shooting variant, for the Red Army. I was googling a long time to find a russian camouflage that was different to what I had built previously.


  1. On to vehicles, brilliant!
    They are all great, but I have gone for the Sherman as 'best of show' with its cammo. and engine detail!
    Regards, James

    1. Many thanks :) . Glad you liked the Sherman, today I post another one ;) .