Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Imam Ro 63 look-a-like 1/32 Model Kit conversion Dornier do 27

 This is quite a curious piece of conversion :) . I bought a Dornier do 27 Revell, in 1/32, dead cheap on eBay (8 GBP maybe? ridiculously cheap), and, due to my tremendous dislike of anything post 1945, which at that time was still fervent in me, I looked how to convert it into something suitably worldwartwoesque. I found that the Imam Ro 63 had it's certain similarities, and so I did that, transform slightly without too much work into it.


I added epoxy to the tail, painted over some parts of glass, and hand crafted decals so they looked right. At least is a nice what-if WW2 would have kept on and on.


Yes, sounds quite bonkers :lol: . But don't tell me it is unique! anyway, here are the pictures;


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