Sunday, October 24, 2021

My AFV 1/72 collection part II; AEC Matador half-track, Einheitsdiesel, Mercedes truck, Leichter Schutzenpanzerwagen, Gaz AA with Flak, Matchbox Baja Buggy German ww2, Humber car conversion

AEC Matador halftrack; here I had one of those rare chances to do a conversion without spoiling kits; I had two old kits, with various missing parts, and while googling possibilities, I stumbled onto a impressive real wartime photo of this, a half tracked AEC Matador. Apparently, it was only a prototype, but I've stretched it to depict it reached the desert (one never knows!). The actual prototype depicts some more sturdier tracks, but it was tried onto a Chevrolet with Bren Gun tracks, so I figured that was good enough.


Einheitdiesel; German truck for WW2, a nice kit with metal axles. Photographed one day it snowed in Spain!


I saw this looking through eBay, and although it is 1:69 I thought it was pretty good to combine with 1/72 soldiers, besides I\'am practically sure it was impressed by the army being a model of 1932. It is a Matchbox model; http://pictures.todocoleccion.net/tc/2010/04/12/18687441.jpg 


And I have repainted with a camo I found in another kit; 


-https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEhGaMEuIvBhevg5k1IHb1dD590nrHWL7xrteRJ7YOs04R6kjkOn4ybDiqRulUky8sRVcplO2DiMNrgWqNAat8_4bUNQSqyYAn056tZcR-r9EEnPkmjhZosBn29T0c-idP8XckA2j9TsVOV5/s720/mercedes2.jpg -





Leichter Schutzenpanzerwagen; or what is the same, a german armoured french military tractor  :-) . A fiddly little kit by Ace models.

Gaz AA with Flak; a nice set of a russian truck, with german flak, used by the Finnish  :P  in WW2.

Aufklärung Fahrzeug (Matchbox Baja Buggy conversion) 1/72; A military conversion, of a Matchbox toy car, into a menacing german armoured transport  :-) .

And finally, a similar conversion, a Suzuki toy car into a type of british liaison Humber car.

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