Sunday, March 6, 2022

Big Bertha Takom 1/35 built & painted model kit ww1 first world war gun german howitzer

Here I show you a model finished a good few years ago. Quite a complicated kit, huge in size, one of those special kits that are unlike anything one has built before! my first model that I airbrushed, as hand brushing all that intricate parts was daunting indeed. For those who wonder, the crew is WW2, but as one was used then, it can still be called historical :) . Sadly, no WW1 german artillery crewmen in scale was available then! and I think not yet, except for some very obscure resin ones. Will be posting here the rest of my 1/35 kits for easy finding.


  1. Fantastic build and painted model! Also the figures!


  2. Wow, that is a massive model. Beautifully constructed and painted. Most impressive.
    Regards, James