Sunday, March 27, 2022

Arado Ar 168 1/32 Revell Sea Camouflage version WW2 scratchbuilt floats


I did post here a long time ago, regarding a kit I bought; in a good closing down sale, I managed to buy a very cheap 1/32 Arado Ar 168, and decided to keep it and give it as a present to my father. Unfortunately, when he was going to start building it, parts were missing! the quality control at revell had not noticed about 3-4 sprues missing! never something like that had happened to me, after buying thousands of kits.

It was lacking canopy, bombs, engine doors, and most important, the floats. By this time the shop had already packed and closed down, so no claim there. (all the same, the very nice chap that bought the shop, gave me a free model in compensation, even if it was not his fault!). I contacted Revell, but was told that only they could send the canopy, as the Arado ar 168 was no longer in production, only the single float version.

So, after browsing all the possibilities, I decided to scratchbuild with paper and cardboard the floats, after printing them from a paper model and adjusting them. My father built all the plane, and me and my brother built the floats and created the engine covers, plus giving a few extra finishes to the paintwork.

The pilots came in a lot of soldiers, I believe from some very old model, but they fit wonderfully.


Curiously, it is a floatplane, but better it doesn't get anywhere near water with his paper floats!

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