Sunday, March 20, 2022

Dragon US Light Infantry motorbike unit 1/35 modern warfare Iraq Kosovod

US Light Infantry Dragon; we move from the behemoth to the moth :lol: . As tiny as you can get a motor vehicle in 1/35, more or less. A interesting and nice kit, I saw it for about 5 € in a fleamarket, and to the stash it went. The good thing is that it came with another set inside! a very pleasant surprise, as a kit of just two men and a motorbike is a daylight robbery in my opinion. Always saw it for triple the price, and half the content! Got round to do it two years ago, just made proper pictures last week. Very fiddly kit, nothing really fitted in that bike, everything went on your own interpretation. The whole bunch was a wobbly bit of engineering with the polycement drying on! As I had two, I painted them in very different ways; for Kosovo, and for desert war, Iraq, Libya, you name it. I switched the heads on two of the figures.


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